Introduction of (Sharjah Mime) Group for Pantomime Shows
Sharjah Mime is the first stage show group specialized in pantomime stage shows, which includes in its membership all talented hearing-impaired actors from across the UAE. Group practice location is at the Art-for-All Center, and participates in different events across the UAE in addition to regional and global participations.

Soloist Program
Meant to develop solo musical and lyrical talents. Program launched its initial stage by the show of female Alia Ali Abdul Qadir in playing piano, Ibrahim Abdullah Al Hammadi in lute playing and singing. Furthermore, the Program works for the promotion of personal abilities and development of individual skills for internal and external participations, through an individual extensive training program during the whole year.

Art for All (Falaj) Training Studio
This Program is launched to introduce participants to the modern contemporary skills and approaches of graphic art schools, develop their abilities to outline an integrated artistic outcome by training on color and material recognition, their use, symbols, in addition to modern painting methods for the creation of an independent future vision.

Art to all Program (Morning schedule)
Offers a wide range of artistic workshops in different fields of graphic art, to introduce different artistic skills to children in the age group 5-12 years, including (color introduction, basic skills of painting and coloring, material recognition, different painting techniques).

Art for All Program (Evening schedule)
Offers a group of different artistic workshops in handcrafts for children in group 4-10 years to acquire different artistic skills, to develop physical contact abilities and critical movements including (color introduction, cut/paste skills, freestyle formation- using clichés and simple tools in different artistic formations- recognize materials to be used by children in early intervention age groups).

Falaj Cultural Salon
During which disabled innovators meet Emirati art celebrities to establish dialogue and communication channels, explore the potentials of future cooperation between Center’s disabled members and willing celebrities who act as individuals or manage organizations offering artistic and cultural services in different fields. The main purpose for this Program is to offer art and cultural services in different fields, and to process obstacles interrupting Center’s members integration in different artistic and cultural events inside the UAE and abroad.

Free Studio
Free Studio offers independent disabled artists an opportunity to practice graphic arts, by supplying creative space across the year, providing them with the necessary materials and tools to practice independently; provided that any such practice shall be according to a contract concluded between them and the Center, based on which the Center receives a specific share of any proceeds generated from their painting sales.

Disabled Persons Academic Program from Sharjah Art Foundation
The Program targets the launch of workshops and programs across the year for different types of disability for all ages 4-18, presented by professional specialized artists to encourage disabled participants to develop communication skills, promote imagination for artistic work practice.

Skills Lab for Individual & Group Performance
This Lab aims to provide training to visually impaired individuals, to be able to control their skills as actors, particularly body, voice and motion skills, and the ability to utilize these skills in expressing stage personality, in addition to group body-voice-interaction skills, quick response, and deliver/receive skills among actors, and harmony of movement and vocal performance.

Lab covers full six months period, to promote skills through focused trainings, body liberalization, internal emotions reflection on body and fact expressions, including the use of musical and pace to express individual roles, and to stress the importance of coordination among participating members for the development of group performance spirit.

Service & Facilitation Program Division under Sharjah Museums Department
This Program is launched to consolidate joint cooperation between Center and Sharjah Museums Department, to motivate disabled children and their families to practice different arts events related to the UAE Heritage.

Art Therapy International Center (“ATIC”) Art Therapy Program 
This program aims to enhance behavioral skills, promote self-confidence by nonverbal communication means through the use of color, graphic arts techniques and joyful motion approaches practiced by participants of disabled children.