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Art For All

Art For All Center.. a Step Forward for A Clear Vision

Art for All Center is not an isolated idea, nor a limited action cut off its surroundings in self-solitude, rather art for all is an actual real practice, deep-rooted to an early stage of our encounters, since we understood art in all its shapes and portrays, and privilege open for all. Art is a global language, the deaf hears by their eyes and heart pulses, the blind feel by spirits and touches by fingers, the physically disable flies high by their dominant will and leaping spirit, while the mentally retarded express art fluently and spontaneously in redress of impeded tongue and mind.

Art for all Center is an extension and development of the starting point, a step to approach creative humans in their different specializations and exceptional disciplines.

The first step is a dreamful and promising step within Sharjah First Biennale launched in April 1993, then in the very special Art Exhibition at Sharjah Second Biennale (April 1995), in participation of disabled creative artists from UAE and other GCC and Arab countries, followed by the reward of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Union Council Member, Ruler of Sharjah in October 1995, by the inauguration of the location of the Emirates Very Special Art Group in Sharjah.

Targets were ambitious.. to promote aesthetic judgment, spread culture among the special needy, and to boost society awareness and interest to the artistic and cultural socialization and its role in the rehabilitation of the disabled; while attempting to express their  interests through valuable participation in launched art events, in support of equal opportunity among disabled and other community members enjoying the thriller of art & cultural activities.

Since, the support, embrace and empowerment of disabled humans in different fields, is within the roots of our vision and mission at Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, in December 2010, the Creativity Group was launched in support of the contributions of Emirates Very Special Art Group, expand the cluster of interest for the promotion of disabled personal creative skills in different artistic domains, including Performing Arts, music and Visual arts events. Anyhow, the Creativity Group participation was limited to locate talented disabled within SCHS, promote their skills and support their efforts to gain confidence, to enable their integration in the community.

Today, with accumulated experiences and integrated practices inside and outside SCHS, as well as after the impressive successes realized by the Emirates Very Special Arts Group in Visual arts field, dazzling drama and stage shows presented by the Creativity Group, a new step was necessary to be taken so as to bring together all these experiences and practices, in support of the efforts to integrate disabled talents and creative participants in different arts and culture fields in the UAE and across the Arab Region.

It is necessary to bolster the idea of art for all, not as a constant approach across Center’s projects and programs only; rather it shall be viewed as a physical and spatial climate provided by the Center, bestowed by His Highness Ruler of Sharjah, constructed in cooperation with Sharjah Arts Foundation, in high quality of specifications, comprehensive design standards, in a manner that reflects the space humanity and responds to the needs of visitors and beneficiaries.

The revived inauguration of the Art for all Center is not established on the experiences and practices available for SCHS only, viewed as the leading spot for art exercise in support of the disabled in UAE; rather it expanded to draw on global advanced experiences and practices in the field, to join the International Group for the Very Special Art,  renewed regularly with John Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and the International Organization on Arts & Disability (VSA), located in Washington DC.

Today hopes are high for this blessed breakthrough for the Art for all Center to realize aspirations and objectives, to enable us at this site to act as a connection point between different kinds of arts and the disabled; who are able to fulfill their aspirations and they get all what they need from it, as if it is a stream that irrigates plants such as (Falaj) which we have chosen as an abbreviated name for this Center, for the distribution of virtue and goodness wherever it goes.


To become a leading foundation to support, embrace and empower contributions of the disabled, in different fields of art and culture in the UAE and the Arab Region.


To work together to empower the disabled innovators, through the supply of suitable climate, adopt creative projects in different artistic fields, and create sustainable cultural development, that offers real opportunities for the integration of disabled artists into the art and cultural movement in the country and across its regional and global vicinity.

  • Realize the principle of equal opportunity among disabled artists/persons, and their counterparts for the practice of different art and cultural activities.
  • Empower and integrate disabled innovators as a genuine part of the art and cultural movement in the UAE.
  • Cooperate with art and cultural establishments in the Country to extend training programs & art projects in favor of the disabled artists.
  • Expand integration changes to cover regional and global territories.

International Partnerships

Since 2000, Emirates Special Art Group in Sharjah and its extension Art for all Center  (Falaj) joined exclusive partnership and enjoyed full membership as the sole representative of the United Arab Emirates at the International Organization on Arts & Disability (VSA), a global organization focusing on disabled persons artistic  and cultural affairs, an administrative affiliate of Kennedy Center for Performance Art in USA, with membership partners from 15 countries around the world.

Work Philosophy

Center’s work philosophy focuses on the idea of art and cultural projects, according to the specific-term cultural production approach (annual- annually renewable -monthly-project established on certain artistic output according to executive & technological needs).

For this end, Center engages professional artists in different fields, to facilitate the launch of its art projects according to scheduled timeline and required outcome. This philosophy is meant to generate many positive results, such as:

  • Overcome the problem of scarce specialized personnel in certain fields (such as art and cultural teams specialized in dealing with disabled persons for example).
  • Effective management of available financial resources, to ensure the achievement of the maximum possible artistic utilization.
  • Maintain diversification and balance in the supply of artistic projects in different fields, to avoid limiting efforts to one artistic field.
  • Establish wide work networks, create future cooperation chances with independent organizations & artists.